Q. How many weddings can you do in one weekend?

A. We’ve completed as many as 4 weddings in one weekend.  However, for us, 2 is the magic number!  We have several well trained drivers that can assist in setting up the weddings, as well as several designers who help make your florals beautiful!  Of course, it also depends on the size of the events, and we use our best judgement to determine what we can do in one weekend.  Quality is most important to us!


Q. How do your prices compare to other florists?

A.  We definitely stay competitive to other surrounding florists.  Our brides book us, because our prices are affordable, and because they TRUST us to make their event memorable.


Q.  Are my favorite flowers in season for my wedding date?

A.  We will explain to you when we meet about flower availability.  Even if your favorite flower is out of season, we can still use our creativity to make your bouquet fit your style and budget.  Some people believe that out of season flowers will only cost more.  This is not always the case…it may be near impossible to locate the flower from around the world if it is out of season.


Q.  How long have you been doing weddings?

A.  We have been creating florals for weddings for over 12 years.  More importantly, we learn and evolve with each wedding.  You don’t want a wedding florist who has been creating the same arrangements for 20 years.  We like to think that we bring both experience and vision to this industry.


Q.  Do you offer samples?

A. We can definitely make a “mock up” or sample for your wedding bouquet or centerpiece.  We offer this service for a cost.  However, a good way to see what your bouquet will look like, is to order one for your bridal portraits.  That way you can make changes to it before the wedding.


Q. How do you charge? Do you have a Delivery Fee?

A. After the initial consultation you will receive a formal quote and contract from us.  This will include the breakdown of every floral arrangement you require for your event.  We do offer delivery only for weddings priced at $2000 or more.  This fee is generated for each event based on mileage and amount of setup required.  We ask for $100 to reserve your date.  The remaining balance is due two weeks before the date.